DAMM® assigns new CEO and President for North America

To head the North American region, DAMM has appointed Christopher Ramsden as President and CEO of DAMM Cellular Systems Inc. Christopher has over 30 years of experience within the critical communications industry and the knowledge and experience from which our customers can benefit.

“Integrators and customers in North America have shown considerable interest in our mission critical technologies. We see a great potential in the US market for our network solutions across industries, in particular within utilities and transportation,” says Kjeld Pharao, CEO of DAMM Cellular Systems A/S.

Christopher Ramsden, CEO and President of DAMM Cellular Systems Inc. states: “I look forward to helping the North American market take advantage of a flexible, scalable IP-based technology platform.  There is a huge potential in North America for our decentralized network solutions, which is already a proven success in the US.  Dixie Electric Membership Corporation (DEMCO) in Baton Rouge LA, selected a DAMM network solution to deliver a reliable digital voice and data system enabling better coverage, AVL, and SCADA monitoring.  Operational results included lower OPEX and future-proof scalability.”

Further information on DAMM in North America please contact:
DAMM Cellular Systems Inc.
Contact: Christopher Ramsden, President and CEO
e-mail: sales@dammcellular.com

Further information on DAMM please contact:
DAMM Cellular Systems A/S, Denmark
Contact: Kjeld Pharao, CEO
e-mail: sales@damm.dk

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