Critical Communications for a New Decade

Critical Communications for a New Decade
Phil Godfrey, Chairman, TETRA Association

Phil_Godfrey_Chairman_TETRA.jpgIt is sobering to realise that already we are embarking on a new decade. Perhaps even more sobering is to reflect back and see just how far TETRA has come since the year 2000. The technology is now established in 114 countries of the world and without doubt has become the technology of choice for public safety, the transport industry, utilities, petrochemical and others. This surely makes TETRA the most widely accepted digital technology in the Land Mobile Radio business.

But what of the coming decade? Well there is plenty still to do. TEDS technology will bring TETRA’s data capability up to a more useable data rate of 150kbit/s and upwards resulting in many more data applications becoming viable. In addition, the Association has been working with ETSI on a project to develop a Broadband capability for the future. This will ensure that TETRA remains a relevant and current technology.

Of course our work is not over in developing new markets, and work with the regulators in the USA and Canada may yet see North American users enjoying the benefits of TETRA technology in the not too distant future.

There is no question that the beginning of the new decade is an exciting time and there is nowhere better than the forthcoming TETRA World Congress to learn and to discuss what is coming next, and to see what our industry partners have in store. Join us in Singapore for what is guaranteed to be a most memorable event.

Suntec_Singapore.jpgThe global TETRA community will meet for the 12th TETRA World Congress at the Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre – Tuesday 25th to Thursday 27th May. To join us, visit

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