Compunetix and Softil Celebrate 25 years of Successful Cooperation

Softil, the world’s leading enabler of IP communications solutions, today announces a Special Customer Recognition Award to advanced communications solutions provider Compunetix – the relationship with Softil began with Compunetix licensing Softil’s (Radvision) H.323 Toolkit (SDK) in the late 90’s to add VoIP capabilities to its conferencing servers. The firm then used Softil’s enabling technology to add H.323 capabilities to its videoconferencing solutions and subsequently added SIP capabilities as the market evolved using Softil’s SIP Developer Suite, and took Softil’s A-RTP Toolkit with SRTP to enhance media management features across its full product portfolio.

Compunetix has since added firewall and NAT traversal capabilities to its products utilizing Softil’s ICE Firewall and NAT Traversal Toolkit. The relationship further flourished a few years later with Compunetix adding WebRTC support to its products using Softil’s WebRTC Interconnect Framework.

Today, Compunetix has become one of the leading providers of converged VoIP, Voice, Video, and Data collaboration and conferencing applications for service providers, government, and corporate enterprise markets. Combined with world-class support and innovative professional services, Compunetix has developed some of the world’s most innovative real-time communications media applications and infrastructure solutions for service providers, enterprises and the government by leveraging Softil’s enabling technologies.

“Softil places high value on long-term business relations and provides customers with world class engineering support to develop new solutions for advancing markets in the shortest timeframe,” says Pierre Hagendorf, Softil’s CEO. “By developing new solutions using Softil’s enabling technologies, Compunetix ensures that its products are fully compliant with the latest versions of open standards and are fully interoperable in evolving ecosystems.”

Softil enables partners such as Compunetix to focus their engineering efforts on delivering the best applications by providing software libraries (SDKs) that fully adhere to open standards thus avoiding proprietary features. Softil is fully committed to delivering the most interoperable enabling technology to its partners by taking leadership roles in industry forums and consortiums and participating in hundreds of interoperability testing events throughout the years such as IMTC InterOps and SuperOps, SIPForum SIPIt and SIMPLEIt, IMS Forum Plugfests, and ETSI Plugtests.

Softil’s Special 25 Years Customer Recognition Award will be delivered directly to Compunetix’ Headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA.

About Softil

Softil is the leading enabler of IP communications solutions for mission-critical telecommunications and VoIP products and services. Softil’s BEEHD framework (SDK) is the key enabling technology behind a wide range of 3GPP MCX mission-critical communication solutions, devices, and products, as well as rich media applications for Enterprise and IMS/VoLTE. With more than 900 major corporations across the globe as customers, Softil’s many technological achievements include the pioneering of Voice and Video over IP, combining its unique expertise in standards-based signaling, multimedia and IMS. Softil’s award-winning suite of Protocol Stacks includes IMS, Diameter, SIP, MSRP, and others. Softil enabling technologies ensure simplified development and earliest roll-out of new products to market. Visit


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