Collaboration agreement between Arico Technologies and Nomor Research for Future LTE Public Safety Systems

Vienna, Sep 14, 2014 – Arico Technologies, a leading company providing consultancy, project management and training for the professional mobile radio industry, today announces its collaboration with Nomor Research in the area of Future LTE Public Safety Systems.

Today’s commercial cellular networks and public safety systems use quite diverse and separate technologies to provide wide area wireless communication services. Due to the growing importance of video and data transmission for future public safety systems, the need for a broadband public safety standard arises. There is a consensus among organization around the world, that LTE is the technology of choice for next generation broadband public safety networks. This will speed up the time to market and leverage the economy of scale on global basis. In a coordinated effort, the 3GPP standardization of public safety related LTE features such as Proximity Detection, Direct Communication, Group Communication or UE relay as part of Release 12 will be completed by the end of this year.

The two companies have signed this collaboration agreement to join forces in the area of Future LTE Public Safety Systems to provide vendor independent consultancy services and training.  Nomor Research experts have being active in LTE research and development over a decade and have been participating in 3GPP RAN standardization since 3GPP was founded in 1998. Arico Technologies on the other hand, with its CEO Harald Ludwig acting as chairmen of the TETRA + Critical Communication Association Technical Forum, has a remarkable expertise in the professional mobile radio industry and with mission- and safety-critical systems.

As a first activity, a joint training course will be offered to our global customer base to introduce the fundamentals of LTE Release 12 and future planned features that will be used in LTE Public Safety systems.

Download flyer at LTE Public Safety Systems.pdf

About Arico Technologies
Arico Technologies is a leading technological company for Professional Mobile Radio and specializes in consultancy, training and project management. Engineering competence together with many years of experience enables Arico Technologies to realize high quality services for its customers.

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About Nomor Research GmbH
Nomor Research, based in Munich, Germany, is a leading company in the research and development of future and emerging communication systems. Besides its deep expertise in 3GPP based technologies, Nomor is renowned for its system level simulation services in the area of advanced radio resource management (RRM) and self-organizing networks (SON).

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