Cassidian’s technology secures communications during Swedish princess’s wedding

  • Rakel system operated by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency ensured network availability at all sensitive locations despite demanding requirements
  • Detailed security preparation began in December last year

Stockholm, 24 June 2013 – During the royal wedding of Princess Madeleine of Sweden to Christopher O’Neill in Stockholm on 8 June, the Swedish security forces relied on Cassidian’s radio communication technology in order to ensure that all activities went smoothly and to guarantee the safety of all participants. Using the Swedish nationwide TETRA radio communication system Rakel, which is provided by Cassidian and operated by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, the Stockholm Police together with the Swedish Security Service were responsible for the safety of some 470 high-ranking guests, such as royals and politicians from around the world who attended the wedding, as well as for securing the Swedish capital during the festivities.

The security measures were already put in place for 7 June as the first guests arrived in Stockholm. After the wedding ceremony at the Royal Chapel in central Stockholm on 8 June, the newlyweds travelled in a procession through the crowded streets of the capital in a special horse and carriage. The cortege, with a length of nearly 350 meters, included 60-65 horses and vehicles. In addition to this, around 800 soldiers from the Swedish Armed Forces went on parade and thousands of tourists and Swedish citizens also participated in the wedding festivities all over town. To provide further support and advice, around 90 volunteers from the Swedish Police were deployed.

Parts of Stockholm were closed to traffic and there was also a restriction on flying, both over the old town area where the wedding couple cruised and by Drottningholm Palace where the dinner took place. Police helicopters and the Swedish Coast Guard, together with others, circled these areas for monitoring and protection purposes. Private boats weren’t allowed within a radius of 200 meters of the wedding couple’s ship. Over 300 journalists from countries all over the world covered the wedding and larger parts were broadcast on TV.

All security forces involved were very satisfied with the TETRA network and the excellent response of the communications services in this highly demanding situation.

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