Cassidian to present training systems and solutions for mobile command and control of operations at AFCEA

  • STAR*BRICKS saves time and costs for the creation and development of highly complex training simulations
  • VeSA and HochZeN close armed forces’ key capability gap in the sphere of mobile command and control of operations

Bonn, 23 April 2013 – With its slogan “IT Services: The engine for flexible applications”, Cassidian presents its portfolio of simulation and training systems as well as solutions for mobile command and control of operations at the AFCEA trade show in the Bad Godesberg town hall in Bonn on 24 and 25 April 2013.

“Cassidian’s product range for command, control and information systems closes a significant capability gap of the armed forces in terms of mobile command and control of operations. Our innovative simulation and training systems meet the current exercise requirements and thus contribute to ensuring the best possible training for our customers in the field,” explained Bertram Gorlo, Head of Sales Germany at Cassidian.

Cassidian will be unveiling STAR*BRICKS® at AFCEA. The patented modular online training software is trailblazing in the simulation of highly complex mission systems and training procedures. In contrast to all previously developed training solutions, STAR*BRICKS is composed of ‘training bricks’. These components comprise independent micro-simulations, such as subsystems or elements of an aircraft such as the cockpit, individual computers or even individual screws, which together form an entire near-real system. Easy-to-use drag and drop operations on the user interface allow users to exchange bricks and combine them with each other. Thus users who do not have specific IT expertise can very quickly compile a range of complex training scenarios. Furthermore, the time and cost implications of expanding training scenarios remain manageable, since it is simply a case of developing or creating individual bricks. STAR*BRICKS is aimed at both civil and military customers and is compatible with a range of common operating systems. It runs on normal PCs, smartphones or tablet computers.

In respect of mobile operations command and control of armed forces, Cassidian will be exhibiting a range of modern products for soldiers at the AFCEA show.

The new, highly mobile command, control and information system VeSA (Vehicle Situational Awareness) combines modern software technology for the exchange and creation of tactical information with a user concept that allows the crews in convoy and patrol vehicles to obtain a comprehensive situational picture of their operational within the shortest possible time. VeSA is based on standardised interfaces and can therefore be operated on the current generation of portable hardware.

HochZeN (highly mobile cellular networks) is a system for encrypted broadband voice and data communications between armed forces in convoy and patrol missions, and for missions in which a mobile system is required. HochZeN uses the TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) and LTE (Long Term Evolution) radio standard. Alongside a connection to existing and future communications systems via standardised interfaces, HochZeN also supports satellite communications. At AFCEA, Cassidian will be presenting the basic capability of the system. In its final stage of development, HochZeN will ensure communications within a radius of approximately ten kilometres.

Visit Cassidian’s exhibition booth at AFCEA: Z6


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