Cassidian TETRA achieves first multi-vendor TEDS compatibility

  • A significant milestone in the evolution of TETRA technology
  • First IOP certificates on TEDS for Cassidian’s TETRA networks with terminals from APSI and Motorola

Elancourt, 21th January 2013 – Cassidian’s TETRA System Release 6 has become the first on the market to work with other vendors’ TEDS (TETRA Enhanced Data Service) terminals. Following the completion of official TEDS interoperability testing in late 2012, Cassidian TETRA was certified as being compatible with TEDS terminals from APSI and Motorola, based on the TETRA Interoperability specifications issued by the TETRA + Critical Communications Association (TCCA). Cassidian’s TETRA customers can thus benefit from a truly open multi-vendor market to equip their existing TETRA networks with TEDS.

Cassidian is actively building a multi-vendor ecosystem for TEDS, and the fact that two TETRA/TEDS radio terminals work according to standard on Cassidian’s TEDS-capable network infrastructure is a clear indication of its success. The certification represents a major step on the road to making Cassidian’s TEDS solution available to customers around the world.

TEDS represents the high-speed data evolution of the TETRA radio communication standard, and will provide significantly faster data services than today’s TETRA networks without compromising any of the technology’s high-security or coverage capabilities. The implementation of the TEDS high-speed standard in the Cassidian TETRA system enables relevant, data-intensive information to be provided to the field without compromising the security, privacy or confidentiality of professional mobile radio communications. TEDS is the most cost-effective way to introduce dedicated wide-area, high-speed capabilities for TETRA users.

“We know how important data communications are for our customers. TEDS is a key element in enhancing the data capabilities of the Cassidian TETRA solution for professional users,” said Eric Davalo, Head of Portfolio & Technology Authority, Security Solutions, Cassidian. “At the same time, we know how important multi-vendor supply and an open market are for our customers. Thanks to the certification, TEDS is now officially multi-vendor technology. We have reached a very significant milestone here in the evolution of TETRA technology.”

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