CASSIDIAN signed a new support contract for Beijing Government Shared TETRA network

Cassidian has recently signed a new contract with Beijing Just Top Network Communications Company Limited covering the support and maintenance of the Beijing Government Shared TETRA network. This three-year contract includes services such as software maintenance, hardware repair, a help desk, on-site and emergency support, and third-party equipment support. The new agreement is the result of a long-standing trustful relationship between Cassidian and its Chinese customer, based on the good cooperation since the network was put in place.

The network, called Beijing JustTop TETRA Network, is the largest digital trunked network in the Asia-Pacific region and the biggest citywide TETRA network in the world, serving 76,000 subscribers. It was put in place by Cassidian in 2003 and has been extended four times since then.

Besides the 60th National Day celebrations in 2009, it was successfully used at the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. On the day of the opening ceremony for the Games, the TETRA network successfully handled 1.6 million calls – a world record at the time.






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