Cassidian realises new helpdesk for French Ministry of Interior


  • Cassidian has successfully set up the overall call handling system for the Ministry of the Interior’s (MoI) support centre
  • Technical support provided for almost 250,000 members of the French police and Gendarmerie 

Elancourt, 8 August 2013 – As part of the opening of the new national support centre for users of internal services (Centre National d’Assistance aux Utilisateurs des Services de l’Intérieur – CNAU SI), Cassidian assumed the overall project management for the call handling system. Within this system, the company provided, configured and rolled out the telecommunication equipment, namely the Telephony over IP (TOIP) equipment and the call centre, prior to integrating it with Remedy, the MoI’s incident management platform.

Based in Rochefort in the Charente-Maritime department of France, the CNAU SI is the MoI’s helpdesk which relies on the Technology and Information Systems unit for Internal Security forces. The centre is essential if information and communication systems are to be used optimally. The 80 CNAU SI personnel provide almost 250,000 members of the French Gendarmerie and police with technical support. In order to do so, they rely on synergies and common tools such as a personalised welcome, the centralisation of telephone hotlines and adaptation to events and tasks.

The new call centre will, for the first time, bring together the various police and Gendarmerie support units, thereby enabling the MoI to pool all competences in one single location and within a practical support service for applications used by security forces.

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