Cassidian provides interoperable TETRA network

Cassidian provides interoperable TETRA network to Border Police in all Romanian Border counties

CASSIDIAN develops interface between TETRA systems as part of major project to improve border security in Romania
Real-time information sharing possibilities between Border Police and security forces during joint operations significantly improved
CASSIDIAN is the new name of EADS Defence &Security

November 2010. The Romanian Ministry of Administration and Interior (MAI) and Cassidian have completed successfully the rigorous testing programme of the Inter-System Interface (ISI), in accordance with the TETRA interoperability standards, between Cassidian and PHARE TETRA networks.

Thus, the Cassidian Border Security project, SISF (Integrated System for Border Security) will provide the Romanian Border Police with a coherent TETRA network in all the border counties. Furthermore, SISF will constitute the TETRA national platform for all governmental security forces in these counties.

After several years of development and promotion of the interoperability concept between the TETRA networks, interoperability has become a reality between both the Romanian TETRA systems.

The ISI offers an extended coverage to both Cassidian TETRA and PHARE TETRA users, who will now have the benefit of all locally available TETRA services (Air Interface Encryption, Authentication, Packet Data Services, Short Data Messaging), as well as cross system communications (mobility management, individual calls, PABX calls and Short Data Services between terminals located in different networks) in accordance with the current TETRA ISI interoperability specifications of the TETRA Association.

Thanks to radio terminals automatic roaming feature, the selection of the visited network is done without user interaction allowing a smooth roaming within the TETRA national platform.

The ISI is also a key component for the integration of the Border Police Automatic Vehicle Location solution to share positioning information between Border Police and the TETRA national platform security forces.

The ISI solution is a key milestone of the challenging roadmap specified by Romania MAI to offer to its end-users:
-Nation-wide secure voice communications and data messaging;
-On demand cooperation or joint working of different agencies forces;
-An extensive portfolio of mission critical mobile applications;
-Enhanced high speed data mission critical application.

This step is a major milestone for the ongoing delivery of the Cassidian border security project in Romania as well as for the overall TETRA users’ community where interoperability is essential.


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