Cassidian presents new TETRA pager P8GR for fire-fighters, rescue forces and relief organisations

  • New form of alert enables secure two-way communication via the nationwide BOS digital radio network 

Ulm, 25 November 2013 – At this year’s PMRExpo (Professional Mobile Radio), Cassidian will be unveiling the first Tetra paging device P8GR to fully comply with the functional, interoperability and security requirements of the digital radio network of German security authorities and organisations (Behörden und Organisationen mit Sicherheitsaufgaben – BOS). Tetra (terrestrial trunked radio) is a standard for digital trunked radio. The device has been designed to meet the needs of voluntary fire brigades, relief organisations and also critical infrastructure operators. 

The P8GR is easy to deploy and combines good availability, even in areas where coverage is poor, with battery autonomy and robustness, all in a compact format. In contrast to standard analogue paging devices, Cassidian’s new Tetra pager enables secure two-way communication between the control centre and the operational units. It offers all the essential Tetra features for alerting, such as group calls, thereby enabling units to plan and carry out missions in real time. 

Via an availability status message users can indicate their readiness to participate in assignments, thus allowing the control centre to be aware at all times of the availability of its resources. In the event of an incident, the control centre can then efficiently alert the necessary personnel by using either an individually or a group addressed call-out. Information about the severity of the incident can be delivered together with alert information to inform the receiver instantly of the urgency and nature of the call-out. After receiving an alert from the operation control system, the user can provide a direct response stating whether he or she is currently available for deployment. This new type of alert allows for significantly improved resource management in cases of emergency. 

A wide range of accessories enhances the performance of the P8GR. For example, two battery versions are available and the pager can be charged from any standard USB socket (mains adaptor or in-car) using only the USB cable. The integrated micro-USB port also allows the terminal user to program the pager and perform firmware updates using standard equipment. This significantly reduces operating expenses for the terminal fleet. A dedicated home station with an efficient quarter-wave antenna extends network coverage indoors or at locations on the periphery of the network, such as in the countryside. 

In addition to the terminal device and accessories, Cassidian also provides its Taqto intelligent terminal management solution. Taqto acts as a terminal asset management system and will enable the user organisations involved to keep a record of all devices in the field, including their parameter configurations. It offers versatile configuration options for programming the pagers to suit the needs of the different user organisations. Furthermore, Taqto supports remote firmware updates for the pager via the Internet through secure connections, and will thus significantly facilitate the administration of the pager fleet in the field.

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