Cassidian introduces Taqto 2, the cost efficient way to manage a radio fleet

  • Enables device management over an IP network
  • Reduction of configuration time and operating costs by using a central server connected to multiple programming clients

Critical Communications World (CCW), Paris, 22 May 2013 – Cassidian has released a new version of its smart terminal management solution, Taqto. This tool allows intuitive management and configuration of secure TETRA radio communication devices, such us radio terminals and TETRA SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) smart cards.

The new Taqto model enables device management over an IP network in which the central server is connected to multiple programming clients. Thanks to the implementation of such a central server workstation for device configuration, time and operating costs can be significantly reduced. The device which needs to be configured can easily be selected and added to the tool by dragging and dropping. The programming of the devices themselves is carried out as closely as possible to the actual location of their usage and can be adapted to individual needs.

Taqto 2 improves the quality of device management by minimising the errors that may result from simple data entry mistakes. For this purpose, the tool offers real-time validation of the configuration, allowing eventual errors in the configuration of devices to be identified as early as possible. If they are discovered later on, configuration mistakes of this kind may exclude important stakeholders in the field from participating in an operation.

Taqto 2 helps users to manage talkgroups which allow direct communication in defined groups. Related group data can be managed with standard office tools like Microsoft Excel and then imported and exported to and from the Taqto tool. In addition, TETRA subscriber-related information such as ITSI (Individual TETRA Subscriber Identity) numbers and TETRA SIM smart cards can also be integrated into Taqto 2. The migration of these two features simplifies operational management processes. The tool can also synchronise and verify ITSI information with the subscriber information in the TETRA infrastructure.

Finally, important and confidential communication which takes place within the decentralised device management networks is fully secured by Taqto application-level security mechanisms. Thus, device management information is managed and distributed safely and confidentially, not only in the device management database but also between the server and the various Taqto clients.

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