Cassidian introduces new 800 MHz variation of its light and slim TETRA radio model, TH1n

  • Cassidian’s pocket-sized TH1n now available in the 800 MHz frequency band for Professional Mobile Radio (PMR)
  • The world’s smallest TETRA terminal and ‘Best TETRA Enterprise Product’ winner of the 2013 International TETRA Awards

Critical Communications World (CCW), Paris, 22 May 2013 – At the CCW in Paris, Cassidian has launched an 800 MHz version of its slimline TETRA radio, TH1n, the first in a completely new class of pocket-sized TETRA radios. This new variation will complement the very successful 380-430 MHz model of the TH1n and enlarge Cassidian’s TETRA terminal portfolio in the 800 MHz radio frequency band, used in Asia and America.

The smallest ever TETRA terminal recently won the 2013 International TETRA Awards for the ‘Best TETRA Enterprise Product’. Since the TH1n is ideal for many different users, it has opened up the TETRA market to those in new sectors, such as social workers and health care personnel. In particular, it addresses users who have the option of joining shared public safety networks, but who so far haven’t found a model to suit their needs better than a heavy-duty radio targeted at fire fighters. Equipped with appropriate accessories, TH1n is also suitable for covert use thanks to its thin, compact design.

The ability to access and share data in the field is becoming increasingly important, and the TH1n also delivers in this respect, enabling field operatives to perform data queries and send reports. They can take advantage of the Java platform, which enables many types of easy-to-use applications thanks to the possibility of tailor-made user interfaces.

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