Cassidian completes core network for the German BOS TETRA network

  • The BOS digital radio network covers nearly 80% of the area of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • More than 315,000 participants already registered

Ulm, 27 June 2013 – In May 2013, Cassidian integrated the 62nd switch into the BOS core network, thus making it available throughout Germany. The two network management centres in Hanover and Berlin, which are responsible for the supervision and control of the BOS digital radio network, are in use.

The switches connect the base stations in the BOS digital TETRA radio network, thereby ensuring the transregional flow of voice and data communications throughout the country. They also take on the multi-agency management of all BOS network participant groups. Four of the 62 switches also operate as transit centres. These ensure a superior level of traffic for the switch network throughout Germany.

The BOS digital radio network is due to go into operation on a step-by-step basis in 45 geographical network sections, with approximately 4,500 base stations at 4,300 locations. Construction is progressing: In May, 3,776 locations were equipped with the digital technology and 3,118 base stations where integrated into the BOS network. Thus, coverage has now been extended to nearly 80% of the area of the Federal Republic of Germany and more than 315,000 participants have already been registered. In 2014, when the BOS digital radio network is almost complete, it will be the world’s largest radio network based on the TETRA standard. It is designed for communication by nearly 500,000 users simultaneously.

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