Cardiff RadioNet goes Digital with TetraFlex®

Cardiff RadioNet goes Digital with TetraFlex

April 2009

DAMM has through its partner PMR Products in UK ensured the delivery of TETRA infrastructure for the Cardiff city centre. The Cardiff city RadioNet system provides communications services,linking; retail, local government, entertainment and leisure business with the Police and CCTVcontrol rooms. For this modern and forward thinking partnership only the most modern of radio systems was suitable for its recent upgrade and this was TETRA. Already established as the radio technology for Public Safety applications, the newly affordable single site package from PMR Products incorporating SafetyNet Digital and Damm TetraFlex TETRA infrastructure was the obvious choice.

The public are now accustomed to seeing Police and emergency services with TETRA radios and the migration of the technology to private schemes like Cardiff RadioNet is the next logical choice, especially in multi-agency schemes. The radio equipment was supplied by Sepura.

SafetyNet Digital provides back office management of the system within the city centre CCTV and police control room providing a range of advanced facilities for monitoring users and logging of all radio activity with command and control functionality. SafetyNet controls and links in with the DammTetraFlex TETRA base station equipment which is the heart of the communications system.

Used in a city centre schemes like the flagship project in Cardiff, TETRA provides multi-agency communications providing separate talk groups for many different disciplines within the retail, police, city centre teams and local authority groups, seamlessly and without interference in a secure way.

The system can become all informed for major incidents using the new background scanning facility available using the latest Damm software. With status and text messaging combined with SafetyNet functions the whole system provides a highly efficient management communications tool.

Cardiff RadioNet is one of three city centre schemes installed by PMR Products in the last year and takes the total of private TETRA systems installed or supplied to over 20 in the UK.

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