Capabilities of the nationwide Bulgarian public safety TETRA network by EADS Defence & Security demonstrated in Sofia

Capabilities of the nationwide Bulgarian public safety TETRA network by EADS Defence & Security demonstrated in Sofia

  • The Bulgarian Deputy Minister of the Interior witnesses the demonstration
  • With 106 mobile communication sites, TETRA will cover 81% of Bulgarian territory
  • This success results from long-term cooperation between the Bulgarian authorities and EADS Defence & Security

1 July 2010 – On behalf of the Bulgarian Minister of the Interior, Mr. Tsvetan Tsvetanov, Pavlin Dimitrov, Deputy Minister of the Interior, witnessed a demonstration of the capabilities of the digital TETRA radio network yesterday in Sofia.

The radio network currently in use with the Bulgarian public safety forces, and dedicated to fire brigade and border police users, was supplied by EADS Defence & Security. The cooperation dates back to 2002, when the Bulgarian Government decided to set up a nationwide TETRA network. With 106 mobile communication sites, the network will cover 81% of the Bulgarian territory.

The last contract, which was awarded in 2009 and is being executed in partnership with Ericsson Telecommunications Bulgaria, involves setting up the backbone transmission network, including the state-of-the-art Mini-Link TN product and site-related activities.

EADS Defence & Security showed Mr. Dimitrov several TETRA data capabilities, including the sharing of images using the ‘instant image broadcast’ system, the triggering of an electronic display by means of short text messages, and the verification of car licence plates.

The function for sharing images using the instant image broadcast system makes it possible to simply send the photo or image of a suspicious person or activity to nearby officers on foot patrol, for example, and all with just one click of a key.

Short text messages can be used to trigger an electronic display, and they could control other devices as well. As shown in the demonstration, for example, an alarm signal received by a fire station can be configured to generate a message that will automatically open the fire station door, turn on the lights, start the exhaust fans, and even switch on the traffic lights in front of the fire station.

Another data capability presented to the Deputy Minister was the car licence plate checking function, which can be easily applied by police officers in the field. A car’s licence plate number can be checked directly on location in the database stored in the portable reader, or remotely if the reader is connected to a TETRA terminal.

Secure and reliable communication is one of the prerequisites for successful crisis operations performed by public safety forces. The same TETRA radio network which the Bulgarian Government already uses for communication and dispatching can also enable many extremely useful data applications, as demonstrated. It is also the cornerstone of national security systems.

“Authorities are responsible for the safety of citizens, and they must be able to cooperate effectively. The radio communication system provided by us makes this easier,” says Dirk Borchardt, Head of Security & Communication Solutions at EADS Defence & Security. “In addition to communication over voice, using data via the same network can bring further benefits.”

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