Cancun, Mexico Emergency Response Gets Boost with Motorola Solutions Radio Donation

Tourists can expect quick response as Red Cross Mexico now has digital radios to aid ambulance communications

  • Residents and more than 20 million tourists visiting this popular vacation destination annually can rest assured the Red Cross will be able to respond quickly in case of a medical emergency.
  • The new digital radiocommunication solution will make it possible to establish ongoing communication among members of the rescue team, hospitals and public safety agencies, even in remote areas.

Cancun, Mexico – May 3, 2017 –The Mexican Red Cross announced the donation of a digital communication solution for the medical unit in Cancun by Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) in order to reinforce the unit’s emergency and rescue work in the area.

The unit in Cancun is made up of 350 volunteers, 25 ambulances and a dispatch center, and provides service to the municipalities of Benito Juárez, Puerto Morelos, Isla Mujeres and Lázaro Cárdenas, as well as the airport area. In 2016, this unit provided 17,400 emergency services, both on land and on the water; this averages to about 45 services on most days and up to 170 services on holidays.

The high demand for services necessitated a quicker and more effective response capability.  With this donation, which involved migrating analog communications to digital through a solution comprised of 25 mobile radios for ambulances and 15 portable radios for rescue workers, the unit is better prepared to respond to emergencies.

“The benefits from Motorola Solutions’ donation to the timely fulfillment of our mission translates into time we save that can be put towards saving more lives,” said Amilcar Manuel Galaviz Aguilar, general director of the Red Cross in Cancun. “In addition to the multiple capabilities of this digital solution, including its flexibility and compatibility with the analog system, it allows us to maintain communication with the Institution.”

The digital solution offers greater coverage and private communication with each ambulance during each emergency call. As a result, paramedics will have direct communication with support personnel, whether they are from the same rescue unit, hospitals or other emergency services, such as firefighters, patrol police and others.

“We are honored that our solutions helped improve Red Cross response capacity. At Motorola Solutions México, our commitment to public safety and the welfare of the community goes beyond our business offer and gives our work a real sense of purpose.This certainly proves that we are there in the moments that matter in Mexico,” said Héctor Luna, general manager, Motorola Solutions México.

The digital radios integrate unlimited voice and data. These are easy-to-use radios, offering enhanced features and boast the benefits of critical enterprise operations, such as integrated Bluetooth® and Intelligent Audio, which automatically adjusts the radio volume based on background noise.These radios operate in day/night mode, making it easier to see contacts, text messages and work-order tickets, even in direct sunlight.

This digital solution is enhanced with two repeaters, donated by Exprescom and Comsa, and the TrboNet Enterprise console donated by Neocom Software.

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