Canadian critical communications decision completes TETRA availability worldwide

29 June 2011: The TETRA Association has announced that the Canadian telecoms regulator Industry Canada has issued a revision to its rules that will enable equipment conforming to the TETRA voice and data communications standard to be type accepted. This revision will result in TETRA systems being available for use in Canada for the first time.

The revised Radio Standard Specification (RSS)* for the Canadian market follows the decision from the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) earlier this year to allow TETRA systems to be used in America. The certification from Industry Canada means that TETRA can now be available in all countries of the world.

Phil Godfrey, Chairman of the TETRA Association, said: “We are grateful to Industry Canada, with whom we have been working closely throughout the process that has resulted in this decision. We are delighted that users in Canada who require mission-critical communications can now consider TETRA as an option.”

The first implementation of the technology in North America took place in 2009, when TETRA infrastructure and devices from PowerTrunk and Sepura were trialled by BC Hydro, the third largest electric utility in Canada. Further successful trials have taken place in the US.

TETRA is the technology of choice for professional users in the public safety, military, air, road and rail transport, utilities and many other market sectors. The technology has been adopted by 121 countries to date, and is the most established and advanced standard for critical communications.

Industry Quotes

“Having set up the first TETRA pilot network in the country and been the first to obtain type acceptance for our TETRA portfolio, we welcome Industry Canada’s revised Radio Standard Specification, which will help stimulate the TETRA market in Canada. We also recognise the role played by the TETRA Association supporting the introduction of the ETSI standard into the North American market,” said Jose Martin, Chief Operating Officer of PowerTrunk Inc., Teltronic S.A.U.’s North American subsidiary.

“Following the FCC waiver in April, this is yet another important step for TETRA in North America. Both Sepura and, I am sure, many user organisations are pleased that Industry Canada has recognised the benefits that TETRA can bring to a wide range of business sectors and are excited by the opportunities that should result from this landmark decision,” said Jens Thostrup, Sepura’s Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing.

*The new version of RSS-119 includes requirements for equipment with a 25 kHz channel spacing and an occupied bandwidth greater than 20 kHz operating in the frequency bands 406.1-430 MHz, 450-470 MHz, 806-821/851-866 MHz and 821-824/866-869 MHz.

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