Reports on TETRA and STOA (July 2003)

Reports on TETRA and STOA (July 2003)

Some press reports in April 2003 argued that STOA (Scientific and Technological Options Assessment) – a unit under the European Parliament – had produced an internal note on TETRA, concerning the possibility of the US Government being able to eavesdrop TETRA networks.

The latest news is that these press reports are not based on facts. STOA has confirmed that:

  • it does not have an internal document that warns of a “major risk that could result from the omnipresence of US companies that supply radio communication equipment to the European police forces”.
  • it has not voiced its “serious concerns” over the domination of the US industry in the European telecommunication networks and in particular those dedicated to the emergency services
  • it has not produced a note stating that “Motorola played a crucial role in defining the TETRA European standard, with the collaboration from the National Security Agency, in order to guarantee for the US government the possibility that TETRA networks could be eavesdropped”.

Anyone wanting contact details of STOA please feel free to contact the secretary of the TETRA Association.

The Secretariat of the Association would welcome any information on the individuals or the organisations responsible for circulating these false claims, as they are clearly designed to damage TETRA.

TETRA Association
July 2003

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