Critical Communications Broadband Group

CCBG will drive the development and adoption of common global mobile broadband standards and solutions for users who operate in a mission critical or business critical environment*. The CCBG will also work with the TCCA’s Spectrum Group and PSC-Europe to lobby for appropriate harmonised spectrum in which to deploy critical broadband services and applications.

The aim of the CCBG is to enable all mission critical and business critical users to access their information systems, intranet and internet at broadband speeds using their professional mobile devices wherever they are and whenever they have the need. This broadband capability should meet the specific needs of the user in the same way that critical voice and narrowband data services are currently delivered by technologies such as TETRA, Tetrapol, P25 and others.

*Examples of mission critical and business critical users include the following:

  • Public Safety/PPDR
  • Government entities
  • Utilities (Electricity, Gas, Water)
  • Power Generation
  • Petrochemical/Extraction
  • Transport (International and Metropolitan Rail, Metro, Ports, Airports, Buses, Trams  and Taxis)
  • Military/Paramilitary
  • Security
  • Telcos
  • Sporting and leisure complexes

Chairman         Tero Pesonen –
Vice Chairman  Emmanuelle Villebrun –

Working Group Chairs
WG UR (User Requirements)
WG SA (Systems & Architecture) – Jukka Vialen
WG BC (Business Case) – Robin Davis

Mission/Vision Statement
Mission Vision Statement – adopted 23 April 2012

Latest publications
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Considerations for Government Authorities acquiring Mission Critical Broadband Services

Future of Mobile Communications 2020+ workshop report
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TCCA TETRA LTE study P3C Final v1 1 Feb 15

3GPP Video on Prioritisation of Release 12 Features
A video has been released by 3GPP featuring the Chairmen of TSG SA and RAN talking about the prioritisation process in LTE Release 12. Balazs Bertenyi (SA chair) discusses the importance of Critical Communications features and Dino Flore (RAN chair) talks about the RAN improvements for more network capacity and better cell edge performance.  View the video here 

Critical communications in 3GPP
The following video discusses how 3GPP is incorporating critical communications requirements into its standardisation. View the video

PPDR need for dedicated communications and why not to rely on public systems for mission critical comms
PPDR need for dedicated communications and why not to rely on public systems for mission critical comms

Statement from the TCCA Board on LTE
In October 2012 the TCCA Board published the following statement. Read the statement

White paper
The TCCA has published a white paper titled Mission Critical Mobile Broadband:Practical standardisation and roadmap considerations. View the paper here 
It has also been translated into Chinese View the paper here

CCBG in the News

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