Bravo Expands Strategic Partnership with Motorola Solutions to Unify Communications and Enhance Public Safety in Saudi Arabia

  • DIMETRA TETRA-based digital radio solution to ease network demand and enable different agencies to communicate in a unified manner
  • Services to benefit and enhance public safety for government, law enforcement, border control, immigration, military and defence and other enterprise sectors such as oil and gas and transportation
  • WAVE 7000 high-performance broadband push-to-talk to extend critical communications to broadband devices

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia – Nov. 8, 2016 – Bravo, the critical communications arm of Saudi Telecom Company, has selected Motorola Solutions as one of its partners to build a nationwide public safety network based on TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) across the Kingdom.

Motorola Solutions will be working with Bravo to provide critical unified communications between the different public safety and government agencies. The enhanced network is designed to address the ever-increasing demand from end users across the Kingdom for reliable, critical communications, extending the current communications infrastructure with the latest DIMETRA TETRA based digital radio solutions.

Mission-critical communications are essential for public safety agencies, especially at times of high network traffic. Even in situations like natural disasters or major emergencies, Motorola Solutions´ public safety solutions are designed to provide seamless and secure communications not available on commercial networks. As a leader in mission-critical solutions, Motorola Solutions has been part of the development of the TETRA Standard. This commitment continues with new products and initiatives designed to meet the ever changing needs of customers around the world.

The nationwide DIMETRA TETRA network will allow unified communications amongst the Kingdom’s numerous government and public safety agencies – many of which operate on individual networks – as well as offering enhanced services for the oil and gas industries.

“Our vision is to create one nationwide network, and this is a major step toward that. Bravo has an excellent, decade-long partnership with Motorola Solutions, the network provider and integrator of our iDEN network. We look forward to continuing this strategic relationship,” said Dr Fahad Bin Hussain Bin Mushayt, Bravo CEO.

Motorola Solutions will also provide Bravo with WAVE 7000, the public safety-grade broadband push-to-talk (PTT) offering, used for projects that require highly critical communications such as the UK Home Office´s new Emergency Services Network (ESN). WAVE 7000 allows for PTT (Push-to-Talk) communications across broadband and land mobile radio networks, which allows teams to keep connected.

In addition to push-to-talk, WAVE 7000 can offer a rich broadband experience when integrated with Motorola’s Public Safety Experience (PSX). The integrated messaging client allows users to share images, video, voice clips and location. PSX also includes integrated mapping that shows where talk group members are located and offers immediate ways to communicate with them.

“In times of emergency, all emergency services must work together to protect and serve the public. In these situations time can mean lives, so clear and reliable communications is critical. This system, used by emergency services around the world, will allow us to unite public safety agencies and provide clear and reliable coverage across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” said Mark Schmidl, corporate vice president and general manager for Motorola Solutions in EMEA.

Bravo currently supplies critical communications to more than 180,000 users, including Push-to-Talk with iDEN (Integrated Digital Enhanced Network). Motorola Solutions has had a long-term partnership with Bravo as the network provider and integrator of the iDEN system back in 2005. The new TETRA project is an extension of this strong relationship, continuing to provide Bravo’s customers with best-in-class critical communications solutions.

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