Bonn Public Utility Opts for Control Centre Consoles from Airbus Defence and Space

  • Delivers 16 dispatch solutions to Bonn to coordinate bus and tram drivers
  • The public utility “Stadtwerke Bonn” replaces old systems to have a fully IP-based technology

Elancourt, 17 November 2016 – Airbus Defence and Space has landed an order in Germany for the control centre solution RCS 9500 (Radio Console Subsystem) and is supplying the public utility Bonn with 16 of its state-of-the-art radio dispatcher systems. Thanks to this technology, the dispatchers in the central control room of the Stadtwerke are able to coordinate the bus and tram drivers. The new devices replacing the old systems permit simple and reliable mobile communication via the company’s Tetra PMR (Professional Mobile Radio) network.

“The Stadtwerke have opted for the model RCS 9500 built by Airbus Defence and Space because this system can be freely configured and is compatible with the company’s own hardware. Furthermore, using the touchscreen is extremely easy”, explains Andreas Giersberg, system administrator and in charge of the Tetra radio system at Stadtwerke Bonn.

The integrated radio console subsystem RCS 9500 is a fully IP-based solution for control centres. It allows the migration of digital voice and data services to mission-critical PMR networks. The network-based client-server architecture offers role and profile management and is suitable for small companies or for several hundred workplaces. Users can use the RCS 9500 terminals individually, e.g. as networked individual workstations, or as complex control room solutions.

The RCS 9500 runs on conventional PC and server hardware and provides the required information via its intuitive user interface. The workstation in the control centres can be flexibly configured and thus quickly adapted to new situations without the need for programming or other support.



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