Bittium SafeMove’s latest software version introduces an intuitive user interface and further enhances information security for demanding environments

The new functionalities enable a faster response to security threats; and efficient implementation of broadband applications with mission-critical data on moving vehicles

Oulu, Finland, November 27, 2017 – Bittium releases a new version of the Bittium SafeMove® software product portfolio. The Windows user interface and look and feel have been completely re-designed to cater for end-users who depend on reliable and secure mobile communications. The modern new user interface also works now even better with touch screen devices. For administrators, the new version provides an easy-to-use and reliable way to manage device security policies and other settings.

SafeMove® software is used in mobile devices which are constantly on the move, to ensure critical infrastructure reliability in challenging environments. The new connectivity diagnostics capability displays connectivity status information visually and empowers the end-user to test and potentially fix connectivity issues directly, allowing them to be more productive in the field.

SafeMove® Analytics software has also been updated to include a significant amount of new network performance and security-related data. Among other things, it can be used to monitor the performance of emerging public safety LTE networks. Real-time information has been included for example to enable a better view of security events. The new version of Analytics supports both Windows and Android operating systems, and therefore supports the majority of field operated devices. The analytics user interface for administrators has also been refreshed with new timeline features.

SafeMove® Manager’s web-based administration tool has been updated with improved graphical user interfaces for editing configurations. Making policy compliant SafeMove configurations is easier, faster and simpler than ever. Increased reliability ensures that administrators can respond more quickly to security threats and changes in the operating environment.

SafeMove® Mobile Router Toolkit is a software stack for OEMs, specifically designed to be integrated into multichannel routers to ensure uninterrupted connectivity to mission-critical applications. The new link aggregation functionality enables utilization of several broadband links to combine available bandwidth, which multiplies the total capacity. This allows the authorities to introduce new broadband applications transferring mission-critical data to and from moving vehicles, for example.

Bittium SafeMove® 10 is immediately available to maintenance customers.

More information about Bittium SafeMove® product portfolio is available on our website at: or our sales at: safemove.sales(a)

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