Bittium exhibits its innovative IoT Design Services and secure SafeMove® remote access solutions at Advanced Engineering trade show

Oulu, Finland, May 29, 2018 – Bittium exhibits its innovative IoT (Internet of Things) Design Services and secure Bittium SafeMove® -remote access solutions at Advanced Engineering trade show, to be held in Messukeskus, Helsinki, on May 29–30, 2018. Advanced Engineering is a professional trade show for the forerunners of industrial technology. Bittium helps industrial enterprises to improve their efficiency and productivity in their business operations by providing strong expertise on system design, advanced wireless radio and antenna technologies, sensors, information security and wireless device development.

Products and solutions exhibited at the event:

  • IoT Design and Digitalization Services – Bittium provides professional design services and technology expertise in the areas of wireless devices, network infrastructure, and IoT solutions. Bittium specializes in the development of power optimized, small form-factor wireless devices capable of supporting both cellular and complimentary wireless technologies. An extensive experience in advanced radio communication technologies, information security, wireless devices and multi-national projects across the globe has created a reputation as a trusted design partner in the development of secure IoT development prototypes, proof-of-concepts, products, and solutions.
  • Bittium SafeMove® Mobile VPN software enables the utilization of all IP based applications and networks by securing the connections between the work station and corporate services before Windows logon. SafeMove® delivers highly secure and seamless connectivity to mobile workers regardless of time, place or network. SafeMove® product portfolio has been designed for outstanding performance even in the most challenging network conditions. It is widely used in demanding environments, such as public safety, healthcare, utilities and defense forces.
  • Bittium SafeMove® Analytics is an advanced monitoring and reporting module that helps authorities to monitor network connectivity and performance to improve productivity and user experience. The Analytics tool continuously gathers connectivity data such as connectivity status, speed, throughput and bytes transferred, network type and Wi-Fi network information. In addition, the new security features of the software can immediately report possible security deviations in the mobile devices used by employees. This makes it possible to react to cyber threats without delays, e.g. by blocking the device which reported the deviation from the corporate network during the investigation.
  • Bittium Mobile Router Toolkit is a software stack for OEMs, specifically designed to be integrated into multichannel routers and IoT systems to ensure uninterrupted connectivity to mission-critical applications.

Bittium’s products and solutions are exhibited at stand 3e19.

Further information:

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