BH International Airport Renews Radio Communication System with TETRA Digital Technology

Minas Gerais, Brazil – March 14, 2018 – The behind the scenes of airport operations requires coordination of highly complex activities that entail organizing professionals, resources and infrastructure, always with a focus on security and the best travel experience for the passenger.  Operational communications are essential to ensure that all stages of operations are conducted as safely and efficiently as possible.  That is why BH Airport, the concessionaire of BH International Airport, adopted a DIMETRA TETRA  digital radio solution from Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI), to enhance operations, help integrate diverse airport activities and facilitate the exchange of information in real time.

Bapi Telecomunicações, Motorola Solutions’ partner and system integrator, deployed the DIMETRA TETRA system, which brings together all critical operations at the airport, including security, operations and baggage handling activities. The system, already fully operational, is also used by outsourced personnel that provide airport parking, aircraft sourcing, cleaning and catering services.

This integration has translated into improved efficiency in customer service and in response times, and has optimized management of work teams by coordinating activities through the dispatch center. The center currently manages and registers 23,000 PTT (Push-To-Talk) calls per day and the system has a much larger capacity, allowing the airport and its partners’ users to communicate with ease and have a system ready for the future.

“Our objective is to constantly improve the travel experience of our passengers and guarantee greater efficiency and security. Thus, we have invested in upgrading the operational communications system at BH International Airport. All of these investments that BH Airport is making prove our intention to develop, in Minas Gerais, one of the best airports in Brazil, with an integrated technological ecosystem; and, as part of this evolution, efficient communication plays a key role,” stated Paulo Amarante, BH Airport Technology Director.

Initially, approximately 200 terminals were delivered, including portable (handheld) MTP3500 terminals, mobile (for vehicles and fixed terminals) MTM5200 and MTM5400 terminals with TETRA digital technology, which help to improve audio quality and a high level of information security. In addition, this new equipment allows for voice and data transmission to coordinate service orders and activities ranging from operations on the runway to the Airport Operations Center. The information provided can be used to develop statistical data and studies in order to anticipate incidents or develop predictive action plans.

For aircraft sourcing and firefighting units, modern and resistant MTP8550Ex terminals were provided, which are ATEX-certified, guaranteeing their use in inhospitable environments with risk of explosion, and which are resistant to temperatures up to 130ºC, falls, dust, as well as being water-resistant.

Their features include GPS location, which shows the command and control center the exact position of each team member, and there is an emergency button that allows a field agent to request immediate help with a simple tap of the finger. In addition, the use of the GPS system will help manage the bus fleet that circulates inside the airport transporting passengers from the aircrafts to the terminals is under analysis.

Amarante explained that “the new radios have greatly improved airport communications, especially with respect to audio quality, without interference or interruptions. Now, with the digital system, we no longer have problems with network congestion and communication has become more precise, thanks to the possibility of defining groups by order of priority.”

“Motorola Solutions has TETRA systems in major airports around the world, in countries such as China, Germany, Norway, Spain and India. This technology for airport operations is world-renowned due to its high degree of interoperability and reliability”, said Alcedir Goulart, director of business development in Transportation and Logistics for Latin America, Motorola Solutions.

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