Bermuda benefits from Sepura’s market-leading GPS

Bermuda benefits from Sepura’s market-leading GPS

30th April 2008 – Sepura’s GPS technology is proving highly successfully in Bermuda among a wide range of users, including police and commercial companies.

The island, which sits off the east coast of the USA, has become the base for numerous large corporate companies, in particular those aligned to insurance and finance. Many of these use Sepura hand-held and vehicle radios for secure and reliable communications, as well as benefiting from GPS.

Mike Tucker, CEO of Electronic Communications, Sepura’s distribution partner in Bermuda, said: “Many companies here have mobile workforces and need to know, instantly, the location of their staff in the process of providing support to an extremely, demanding Bermudan client base.”

“Added to this, the emergency button is a valuable security tool, so that lone operators can be located instantly should they run into difficulty.”

“Our experience has shown that Sepura’s GPS technology (embedded in the radios) is by far the most effective within the PMR market and is typically able to establish the fastest location fix – with the best accuracy. By leveraging this technology, we have been able to develop some highly useful, bespoke, solutions to meet the needs of individual organisations.”

“Sepura’s GPS receiver has proved popular with our customers in enabling a comprehensive audit and confirmation trail. This could be to confirm the time of a delivery, to re-direct the most appropriate resource to an emergency or to check the schedule of each mobile worker.”

Tim Mills, Sepura’s Regional Director for Central and South America, said: “This re-enforces the value of our GPS technology and shows how it can deliver real business benefit. It also highlights the importance of a distributor with first-class knowledge and understanding of TETRA and his clients.”

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