Belgian Defence trusts in Airbus high-tech equipment

Powerful deployable radio solutions improve flexible and secure communications in critical situations – in Belgium and abroad

2 August 2017, Elancourt – Airbus will provide its newest generation of deployable radio solutions to the Ministry of Defence in Belgium. These highly powerful and flexible Tetra communication systems will be equipped with the new generation of Tetra Taira servers. Taira benefits from virtualised Tetra server functions that ensure the same services as standard Airbus DXT switches. Moreover, the system also incorporates the latest release of the Airbus pico base station, a very small base station that covers tiny areas.

Consequently, Belgian Defence will be able to use these highly compact radio solutions for any kind of mission in the country or abroad. Airbus will start delivering the systems in the first two quarters of 2018.

Knowing that Tetra Professional Mobile Radio is highly reliable, Belgian Defence ordered these deployable solutions, because they are fully interoperable with Belgium’s emergency and security services radio network ASTRID. ASTRID is based on Airbus Tetra technology.

“The Airbus Taira technology allows easier handling, and its users will be able to quickly set up system management tools and interfaces under time pressure,” explains Olivier Koczan, Head of Secure Land Communications at Airbus.

The deployable radio solutions comprise terminals, accessories and tools. The agreement between the Armed Forces in Belgium and Airbus also includes a lifelong maintenance contract.

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