Beijing Urban Rail Transportation Selects Motorola’s TETRA-based Private Communications System for its City Metro Line

Beijing Urban Rail Transportation Selects Motorola’s TETRA-based Private Communications System for its City Metro Line

Beijing Metro’s new Line 5 to deploy Motorola’s TETRA digital radio system for its proven reliability, security and advanced technology.

Beijing, China, August 25, 2005 – Motorola Inc (NYSE: MOT) today announced the China Electronic Technology Corp. No. 54 Research Institute has chosen Motorola’s TETRA digital trunking private radio system for its Beijing Urban Rail Transportation’s Beijing Metro Line 5. The new communication system will be deployed along a 22-station, 27.78km metro line that runs from Tai Ping Zhuang Bei in Changping district, North Beijing, to Song Jia Zhuang in South Beijing. The investment is part of the city’s ongoing plans to develop and expand its public transportation system.

“Motorola’s proven leadership in private mission-critical and enterprise-class communications systems and advanced TETRA technology were key factors in our evaluation process,” said an evaluator from Beijing Metro. “With a population of more than 13 million, we need to ensure this city has a reliable, secure and world-class urban rail infrastructure to support heavy transportation needs, provide customized coverage and ensure commuter safety. Motorola’s TETRA communications network will be an integral component in our public transportation system upgrade through 2008.”

Under the new contract, Motorola will supply 19 Enhanced Base Transceiver Systems (EBTS), 26 fixed stations, 70 mobiles and 300 terminals to run Beijing Metro’s customised communications applications. The new system, slated to be completed by end of 2007, will enable improved control and efficiencies in the Metro’s daily operations, commuter and operator safety and higher system reliability.

“Once again, Motorola has proven to be the partner-of-choice for enterprise-class TETRA rail communications systems. Our successes with Tianjin Metro, Tianjin Light Rail, Beijing Light Rail and Guangzhou Metro are clear examples of our ability to deliver highly secure, reliable wireless communications systems that meet the unique coverage requirements of rail customers in China,” said Chew Guan Sing, General Manager of North Asia, Motorola’s Government & Enterprise Mobility Solutions business.

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