Beijing Metro replaces 30-year old conventional system with Motorola’s TETRA digital radio network

Beijing Metro replaces 30 year old conventional system with Motorola’s TETRA digital radio network

BEIJING, China, June 30, 2006 – Motorola, Inc (NYSE: MOT) today announced that the China Beijing Metro will be replacing its existing communication system for its Line 1 and 2 Operations with Motorola’s TETRA digital trunking radio system. Estimated at RMB 25 million (about US$3 million), this contract is awarded by the China Electronics Technology Corp No. 54 Research Institute. The new system is expected to be fully operational by the second half of 2007.

Under the contract, Motorola will supply the Beijing Metro with Dispatch Consoles, and 39 units of high-performance Enhanced Base Transceiver Systems (EBTS). The deployment of a digital radio system will bring the subway operator a step closer to integrating all its metro lines on a unified communications platform. It not only ensures a safe and efficient operation on the ground but also plays a vital role in emergency response communication.

Beijing Metro Line 1 and 2 were the first metro lines to be constructed in China in the 1960s. The migration to a digital platform is part of the Subway’s five-year plan to upgrade the subway systems and equipment after 30 years. This project will be the largest infrastructure and systems enhancement for Beijing Metro.

“Minimising risks, improving passenger services and raising the safety level and overall standard of our subway operations are some of the key priorities when we were considering a system refresh. Motorola’s TETRA system is one of the most technological proven and advanced solutions available in the marketplace and is suited for our need for a secure, reliable and effective wireless communications system,” said a spokesperson from the Beijing Metro.

Mr. Chew Guan Sing, general manager of North Asia, Motorola Networks and Enterprise Business, said “In 2005, we contributed significantly to the deployment of several national rail transportation systems including the Beijing Light Rail, Tianjin Light Rail, Shanghai Metro and Guangzhou Metro. This new award from Beijing Metro further strengthens Motorola’s leadership in meeting the communication needs of Metro users and our ability to provide high-tech, reliable and secure communications system. In the long term, we will continue to employ our best practices and expertise in the development of China’s rail transportation industry.”

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