BDBOS bids farewell to its president

BDBOS bids farewell to its president

Andreas Gegenfurtner, the long-standing president of the BDBOS, retired on 30 June 2024 – under his leadership, Public Safety Digital Radio developed significantly over the past few years, and from 2019 onwards, he also succeeded in driving forward the consolidation and further development of the Federal Networks.

BDBOS Vice President Frank Buddrus thanked Gegenfurtner on behalf of the entire company and wished him all the best for the next phase of his life:

“Many of us had lively discussions with him and worked together passionately to find the best solutions for our projects. He successfully led the federal and state governments to a conciliatory compromise many times and received great support internally thanks to his collegial and diplomatic manner. But the most important thing: With him at the helm, we have achieved a great deal for Germany and have made the BDBODS’s central importance of internal security visible far beyond the political arena.”

Andreas Gegenfurtner joined the BDBOS when it was founded in 2007, initially as Vice President. He became President of the BDBOS in 2016. His reappointment to office in 2021 was also a testament to the ongoing trust and successful cooperation with the federal and state governments.

Gegenfurtner began his career in the Baden-Württemberg police force, where his last role was as a police commander. In 2006, he moved to the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of the Interior, where he was the overall project manager for the development of Public Safety Digital Radio in Baden-Württemberg.

It is still unclear who will succeed Gegenfurtner as President. In the meantime, Vice President Frank Buddrus is in charge of the BDBOS.

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