BDBOS “Digital radio saves lives” campaign launched

BDBOS “Digital radio saves lives” campaign launched

March 12, 2024 – BDBOS the federal network operator in Germany, has launched its poster campaign “Digital radio saves lives” with motifs of real emergency services from various security, rescue and relief services, raising awareness of the importance of BOS digital radio.

The world’s largest TETRA network, BOS digital radio provides security and rescue forces throughout Germany with a highly secure and reliable means of mission-critical communication around the clock. More than a million devices are registered in the radio network, and over 5,000 base stations cover 99.2% of Germany.

The BOS digital radio network was designed at the time for voice and narrowband data communication. With technical progress in the field of mobile communication, the operational and tactical requirements for modern BOS communication are also increasing.

In order to make the performance of the BOS digital radio network and its importance for general security clear to the general public – but also to emphasize the need for its further development into a BOS broadband network – an awareness campaign was launched with the slogan “Digital radio saves lives”. brought to life. The clear message is: human lives actually depend on secure and highly available communication from our emergency services.

Emergency services from the Federal Police, the Berlin Police, the Technical Relief Agency, the Johanniter Accident Aid, the Malteser Relief Service, a volunteer fire department from Saarland and the German Life Saving Society made themselves available as testimonials for the campaign.

The campaign motifs will be played on analogue and digital advertising spaces in Berlin’s government district from March 11 to March 31 2024. Postcards with the same motifs and so-called sharepics for publication on social media with the hashtag #DigitalfunkRettetLeben complement the poster campaign. All motifs and formats are available here for download.

Our big thanks go to the BOS involved for their support as well as to the emergency services themselves, who made the campaign possible with their special work as photo models.


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