Barcelona Underground Bets On Teltronic Technology

Barcelona Underground Bets On Teltronic Technology

  • Teltronic is the company chosen by Albertis Telecom to implement digital radio communication TETRA Systems for Barcelona Underground in a contract worth more than 5 millions euros.

  • Barcelona Underground will be joining several other railway networks including Madrid, Santiago de Chile, Nuremberg and Moscow-StPetersburg Railways, who have introduced TETRA technology developed in Teltronic’s Zaragoza plant.

Zaragoza, 19th July 2006 – Teltronic, as the Spanish manufacturer for IBV Corporation, has become the selected sub-contractor to supply the TETRA infrastructure for digital radio communications in Barcelona Underground, Line 9. The Administration of Catalua selected both Albertis Telecom and Teltronic’s TETRA technology for mobile wireless communications between the trains and the central control station. Teltronic will also provide TETRA terminal equipment, shipped to ALSTOM, which is being fitted to the trains. These ambitious projects represent more than 5 millions euros investment.

Since 1974, Teltronic has been a system and equipment manufacturer for professional mobile radio communications. Today Teltronic is the market leader for TETRA Systems in the passenger transportation sector with worldwide key clients such as Deutsche Telekom, Siemens, CAF, ETRA, Ikusi and Madrid Underground. They are relying on TELTRONIC to implement the most innovative projects, focusing on guaranteed, secure and reliable communications.

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