Axell Wireless Launches Next Generation Fibre DAS (Distributed Antenna System) Solution

Axell Wireless, the worldwide provider of wireless coverage solutions, today launched its next generation DAS solution setting new industry standards for performance and affordability for in building coverage systems.

Axell’s new OMU II (optical master unit II) is a next generation DAS hub that fully supports frequencies from FM to 2.6GHz, including all major global LTE frequency bands. The system is flexible and modular in design and can be configured to provide connectivity for a variety of remote units from eight high power MBF-40 series remotes through to twenty four of the new low power MBF-20 series remotes or virtually any combination in between. This allows a single DAS system to be both optimised in terms of performance, and cost, with the MBF-40 series used in larger coverage areas complimented by the MBF-20 in smaller buildings, or sub sections of a campus.

The OMU II also fully supports both MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) configurations and also up to 8 separate base station sectors – both critical characteristics given that data throughput and overall capacity are essential requirements for most mobile operator in building designs.

Crucially, the OMU II system when operating with both the Axell MBF-40 and the new MBF-20 series remotes has an extremely low noise figure. For example an OMU II operating with one MBF-40 has a noise figure of only 3db, significantly lower than virtually any other commercially available DAS system. The significance of low noise figures is that it maximises both capacity and data throughput across the coverage area of the DAS. Systems with high noise figures cause interference with base stations thus reducing overall coverage and capacity; especially for data services.

The OMU II system contains an “auto configuration” routine to enable simply and quick setup and can be configured using a web interface. It also incorporates SNMP (simple network management protocol) functionality and can thus communicate alarms and status messages to a mobile operator’s NOC (network operations centre).

The new MBF-20 series is a dual band IP65 rated DAS remote providing approximately 22dBm composite power per band in a compact approximately A4 size package. Each MBF-20 is connected to an OMU II hub via a single fibre optic cable. Further two MBF-20 units can be simply combined together in the field to create a quad band unit again whilst still operating over a single fibre optic cable. The MBF-20 series will be available in a variety of cellular band combinations including 850MHz/1900MHz; 700MHhz/1700MHz, 900MHz/2100MHz, and 1800MHz/2600MHz.

In addition to setting new performance and flexibility standards within the industry, Axell’s next generation DAS system sets a radical new price point with many configurations coming out approximately 30% less than the current systems.

“Axell has already established a leading position as a global manufacturer of DAS systems for both cellular and public safety applications. Our launch today of the OMU II and the MBF-20 series remotes demonstrates once again Axell’s continued innovation and leadership in wireless coverage systems. Combined together the new OMU II and MBF series remotes provide immense flexibility to mobile operators allowing configurations supporting both moderate, or high, data throughput with system level performance that sets new standards in the industry” commented Ian Brown, CEO Axell Wireless.

The OMU II and MBF-20 series remote is available for ordering during March with first shipments following shortly thereafter. The MBF-40 series remotes are already available for immediate ordering and shipping.



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