Avionic Service is the new sales partner of Airbus Defence and Space in South Tyrol

Avionic Service is the new sales partner of Airbus Defence and Space in South Tyrol 

Both companies offer consultancy and devices to customers and end users of the Tetra-based state radio network in the Bolzano region. 

Airbus Defence and Space has selected Avionic Service GmbH as the “Authorised Dealer” in Bolzano for Tetra mobile radio devices. This new Airbus Defence and Space partner will be the primary contact for customers and end users in South Tyrol. Avionic Service has more than 20 years’ experience in the area of communications technology in the South Tyrol region, and fulfils the high quality standards of Airbus Defence and Space, making the cooperation an excellent fit. Both companies will have a joint stand for the first time at the “Civil Protect 2016” trade fair on February 26-28 in Bolzano. 

“Thanks to its standardised processes and good networking in South Tyrol, Avionic Service is the perfect partner to best serve our customers in the region,” says Dr Markus Kolland, Head of Sales and Delivery for Europe and Africa of Secure Land Communications at Airbus Defence and Space. “In addition, this collaboration will enhance relations towards end users of our terminals.” 

Avionic Service will henceforth offer Airbus user devices for the 450MHz frequency range, such as THR9i, the TMR880i and the THR9 Ex ATEX radio. These robust mobile radio devices were developed for critical voice and data communication and are particularly known and chosen for their ease of use and intuitive operation. Organisations using the state radio network, such as fire departments, mountain rescuers or forestry agents, can also learn more about these devices from Avionic Service in Bolzano. 

Since 2014, Airbus Defence and Space has been installing the new Tetra-based state radio network for the autonomous region of Bolzano, South Tyrol together with the Austrian company Center Communications Systems. This uniform digital radio network for civil protection and security personnel will replace more than 40 individual analogue networks. In addition, Airbus Defence and Space provides a variety of base stations in the TB3 and TB3hp series. End users of the state radio network will also receive and can take advantage of modern device

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