Arqiva wins 412-414 / 422-424 MHz spectrum auction

Arqiva wins 412-414 / 422-424 MHz spectrum auction

Arqiva recently announced that it has won an Ofcom auction for an indefinite licence for
Spectrum Access in the bands 412 to 414 MHz paired with 422 to 424 MHz. The payment of
1.5m made in respect of the winning bid covers licence fees for the first 15 years of

Arqiva can use the spectrum for any purpose directly in its own business operations, or by
acting as a band manager and sub licensing spectrum to third parties.

Alastair Davidson, MD for Arqiva’s Public Safety and Communications business, said:
“This is very exciting news for Arqiva. This underlines our long term commitment to the
Public Safety and Communications market place. This spectrum will allow us to fulfil our
plans to develop wireless infrastructure to the meet the long term needs of our customers.
Today’s technologies will enable us to use this spectrum to help our customers migrate from
legacy analogue private mobile radio systems to modern digital networks. Spectrum is
already congested in dense urban areas such as the centre of London and we expect this
demand to increase with the increasing emphasis on public safety following 7/7, and with the
Olympics coming along in 2012.

As a long term player in the Communications market, we are pleased to have secured the
spectrum for fifteen years plus. During that timeframe we expect that technologies will
mature which will also enable us to meet the growing needs of our customers for mobile data

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