APD helps Hampshire Constabulary handle 10,000 extra calls

APD helps Hampshire Constabulary handle 10,000 extra calls

Hampshire Constabulary, the first UK force to go live with 101 number

APD, the UK’s leading communications specialist, is working with Hampshire police forces to help handle the 10,000 extra calls received since the launch of the Single Non-Emergency Number (SNEN) 101 in May. APD’s CORTEX technology has been installed at the Winchester control room, creating an additional 30 call handler workstations across 2 sites to handle the extra calls. Hampshire Constabulary was the first UK force to go live with the 101 number, which is expected to be fully deployed through-out England and Wales by 2008.

The CORTEX system, which works in conjunction with BT Symposium, provides a fast and efficient service to callers and helps Hampshire Constabulary to fulfil its commitment to answering 40 to 60 per cent of queries within a three minute call duration. The police control rooms are fronting the new public service on behalf of a 16 strong partnership, comprising the police and councils throughout the region.

Over 70 per cent of 999 calls relate to non-emergency situations such as littering, noisy neighbours, vandalism, graffiti, antisocial behaviour and abandoned cars. The 101 service is designed to improve citizens’ access to non-emergency public services and reduce the burden of unnecessary calls to 999 emergency services. When a call comes in, the control room operator can automatically see the identity of the call location via the APD CORTEX system. Any previous activity connected with the telephone number received, or the address details given by the caller, will result in an automatic search of the database for previous calls for service.

For example, if a member of the public calls 101 about an abandoned car and then calls back at a later date, operators will have a record of the previous contact and the caller’s details, which saves time and offers a more involved service to the public. Calls can also be moved around between sites, a new feature for the SNEN initiative since previously it was only possible to queue calls to the two locations.

Roger Carter, Project Manager – 101 SNEN, Hampshire Police says, “We first started working with APD Communications in 2001 when CORTEX was used to integrate radio and telephony communications in six of our individual control rooms, spread across four sites, into one purpose built control room at Netley. Since then we have been pleased with the level of service and reliability that CORTEX has provided, so much so that we made the decision to use an updated version to support our new SNEN initiative.”

The functionality and resilience of CORTEX is backed up by its ability to offer a fully integrated Airwave radio, telephone and video communication solution, providing operators the flexibility to handle calls from the public with all the information at their fingertips. Calls can be routed quickly and easily either through headquarters or via a virtual site.

For instance if a call is received about a vandalised building, using CORTEX the call can be put straight through to the relevant partner. The operating system is simple to use so it is easy for call takers to get up to speed and the system is flexible enough that operators have the ability to ‘hot desk’ and new users can be added on as necessary, allowing the system to grow.

David Lawford, Director of Public Safety, APD, said, “We are pleased to be continuing our work with Hampshire Police and that we have been selected to support the Force’s implementation of the 101 service. This shows that CORTEX continues to offer the resilience, reliability and ease of use that is essential within all mission critical environments.”

About APD Communications:
APD is a specialist provider of proven Mobile Information, Resource Location/Tracking and Control Room solutions. APD has over 20 years experience in delivering mission and business-critical incident/job despatch, fleet management and communications applications, fine-tuned for the specific needs of the Local Authorities, Public Safety, Building Maintenance, Cash-in-Transit and Contractors markmarketsets. Its customers include over 80% of the UK Police forces (the Metropolitan Police Service, Cambridgeshire Police, Sussex Police) and organisations such as Iceland Government, May Gurney, RCS, Securitas and Swedish Police.

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