Another French municipality moves to Sepura

Another French municipality moves to Sepura

August 2009Sepura has won the contract for the supply of TETRA radios to the municipality of the Ville de Bron in the Rhone region in France. This win was achieved through SYSOCO (, Sepura’s long-standing partner in France.

Bron is a thriving industrial centre located in the south-eastern suburbs of Lyon. The municipality’s decision to migrate to TETRA was driven by two major objectives: the improvement of radio communications for the local police and the deployment of a remote management system for its municipal services (including telephony, public transport, water utility management, public lighting, pollution monitoring, emergency monitoring and emergency public warning).

A substantial fleet of Sepura’s STP8000 hand-portable radios has been supplied to the Ville de Bron’s municipal police. The STP8000 is proven to operate in the most physically challenging conditions: the radio’s unparalleled water, dust and impact resistance makes it rugged and durable. In particular, the municipal police will benefit from reliable verbal communication – when operating in the town’s busy streets – thanks to the radio’s outstanding audio clarity.

Ville de Bron’s street lighting system will be the first public service to join the TETRA network. Sepura’s Mobile Gateway Radios will enable data transfer via Short Data Messages (SDS) by interfacing between the system’s PCs and automated interfaces. The new infrastructure replaces an increasingly unreliable and costly GSM network, and is an excellent example of voice and data services sharing the same network.

Pierre Letta, Marketing Director for SYSOCO commented: “This project brings state-of-the-art radio communications equipment also to the Ville de Bron – to date over ten French municipalities use Sepura radios – and will allow the town to make significant improvements in the provision of municipal services”.

Emanuele Algieri, Regional Sales Director for Sepura said: “This further success in France confirms Sepura and SYSOCO’s outstanding expertise in the delivery of bespoke TETRA communication solutions for municipal organisations and the high level of integration with legacy systems irrespective of their scale and size”.

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