Another French municipality chooses Sepura

Another French municipality chooses Sepura

The city of Aix en Provence, in France, has chosen Sepura TETRA radios for its municipal organisations. The radios will be used within the framework of a digital geo-localisation service implemented by Sepura’s French partner SYS&COM and will replace the existing analogue radio-communication system. The municipality of Aix also plans to implement a portable TETRA system for use in emergency and crisis situations as well as major sports or cultural events.

The French city’s municipal police force will be the first department to use the new TETRA system. All officers will have hand-held radios, with Sepura’s fully-integrated and highly sensitive GPS device. The mobile TETRA terminals, also with GPS, will be installed in vehicles and motorbikes. The geo-localisation service will enable more efficient management of operational teams whilst ensuring higher levels of safety and security for the community.

Pierre Letta, Sales Director for SYS&COM commented: “This project brings state-of-the-art radio communications technology to Aix en Provence. It will allow the city to make significant improvements in the provision of municipal services.

Our customer chose Sepura for its ability to provide unparalleled support and warranty conditions and extremely favourable delivery terms. In addition, the radios are robust, rugged and already abundantly tested by numerous TETRA users world-wide”.

Richard Redgrave, Regional Sales Director for Sepura said: “The city of Aix joins the growing community of municipal organisations world-wide who have chosen Sepura radios for their communications needs. Successes like this are possible thanks to the co-operation and competence of partners like SYS&COM. In this example SYS&COM has developed a geo-localisation system that incorporates the highly accurate GPS information from our terminals and offers the customer an affordable and complete turnkey solution.”

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