Allocate emergency resources where needed most with CommandCentral from Motorola Solutions

U.K. emergency services gain a real-time operational view from a single command centre screen with integrated intelligence just one click away 

  • CommandCentral Aware delivers a unified, real-time operational view for command centre staff
  • CommandCentral Aware integrates with any Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system to drive additional value from new or existing control room investment
  • Web-based CommandCentral Inform extends that command centre situational awareness into the field to improve decision-making on the ground

Basingstoke, England, March 22, 2016 – Motorola Solutions (NYSE:MSI) introduces CommandCentral software to help improve outcomes with a real-time operational view unified onto a single command centre screen. This next generation of intelligence-led public safety solution enhances new and existing investments in computer aided dispatch (CAD) and Integrated Communication Control Systems (ICCS) for U.K. emergency services, ensuring emergency resources are rapidly allocated where needed most.

As more data sets feed into public safety, it becomes increasingly difficult to follow everything that is happening within operations and the wider community. Multiple applications, multiple sign on and limited mobile availability of data sources all present a challenge for staff to see a single view of operations in the field.

“One of the benefits of CommandCentral Aware is that it links customers’ existing data applications which are typically separated or siloed, and integrates those into an intuitive solution. This gives personnel faster access to data thus enhancing operational response. With a clear, real-time operational overview, intelligence can be rapidly shared – ensuring the safety of officers and citizens,” said Stephen Beach, smart public safety solutions specialist, Motorola Solutions.

CommandCentral Aware provides an intuitive, on-premise, way to aggregate and then integrate tremendous amounts of data and multimedia from disparate systems including: CAD; streaming video; real-time alerts; advanced data analytics; resource tracking; social media analytics; voice and records information, all presented on a single screen. In a matter of seconds, CommandCentral software is able to search multiple data sets. Data is converted into alert driven actionable intelligence, all clickable on a single, layered geospatial map view to provide a real-time common operating picture for command centre operations.


When CommandCentral Aware is combined with CommandCentral Inform, the enhanced situational awareness is extended into the field for improved decision-making on the ground.

Web-based, CommandCentral Inform can be used on nearly any device, operating system or network, providing a true common operating picture in the field. Officers can apply or remove layers of information from the geospatial map, including the location of personnel, resources, events, alerts and analytics, all in real-time. This information can then be easily shared with other services for better coordination and rapid collaboration to improve safety. 

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