Alcatel Shanghai Bell with Rohill improve China’s urban Emergency Response

Alcatel Shanghai Bell (ASB) Launches a Mobile TETRA Communications Solution with Rohill to Improve China’s Urban Emergency Response Capabilities

From snowstorms and earthquakes, to major events and emergencies; in the process of urban development, a variety of challenges are inevitable. Ensuring urban safety and the proper disposal of public emergencies is vital to guarantee the sustained and healthy development of any society. In order to improve urban emergency communication and response capabilities, and to support the day to day vital operation of Police and emergency organizations, Alcatel Shanghai Bell(ASB, together with technology partner Rohill from the Netherlands, is introducing a TETRA Professional Mobile Radio solution, to provide a reliable wireless dispatching communication network that will increase urban safety.

TETRA is now the chosen mission critical platform in more than 100 countries around the world and by far the technology of preference and open industrial standard. Compared with traditional analog trunking systems, the digital trunking system introduced by ASB, has obvious advantages, including: strict compliance with ETSI TETRA standards, and the network is already TETRA2 ready; all-IP distributed architecture and softswitch technology; high reliability, good compatibility and scalability, with 99.999% availability; the perfect open base platform and all-modular plug-and-play design, to interface with all other communication related equipment likePABX/PSTN networks, as well asWimax solutions, to become a fully unified network integration solution; with simple hardware structure, small number of equipments, low back-up requirements, low-power consumption and easy installation and maintenance, lower failure rate and maintenance costs, and so on. Besides the leading technology, the TetraNode platform has a proven track record around the world in successful operation in the last 6 years and is a guarantee of the highest reliability and scalability, as well as availability,while being an open software and hardware platform.

ASB will promote the Mobile TETRA Communications Solution using its own brand in China, targeting primarily public safety organizations including Police, Fire, Ambulance and private wireless dispatching network systems for various industries. Drawing on its outstanding capability in integrating communication equipment like IP and transmission systems, and its competence in wireless design, network deployment & optimization, operations and maintenance, ASB provides a turnkey integrated solution to help public safety organizations and relevant industries enhance their communication strength and increase the efficient coordination of emergency services, to control and reduce the damages caused by unexpected issues.

ASB has accumulated an impressive portfolio of achievements in key vertical markets over the past several years, for example, the Shanghai Metro Line 9 and other metro lines in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen; an Emergency Management System for Hainan Province, the Fijie-government project, and PAPCO Project in Pakistan, to name a few.

“We are aware of the Chinese market’s huge demand for emergency communication.” said Roland van der Boom, CEO of Rohill. “The Rohill proven technology platform combined with Alcatel-Lucent’s local presence and credibility, as well as it’s strong organization in the Chinese market, gives us the potential to create a leading position in the Chinese mission critical communication market.”

“The cooperation with Rohill will greatly enhance ASB’s capability to provide Emergency Response solutions to Chinese customers, and further secure ASB’s leadership in communication integration of private mobile networks for public safety and transportation organizations.” said Frederic LELIEVRE, Head of ASB Industry and Public Sector (IPS) competence center.

The demand for emergency communication and dispatching in the Chinese market is huge, meaning that this newly launched mobile TETRA communication solution will have broad market prospects. ASB will therefore aim to localize this TETRA solution according to the market, so as to better fulfill the stringent requirements of its customers.

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