Airwave provides critical communication for new Hindhead Tunnel

The newly-opened Hindhead Tunnel on the A3 in Surrey will provide the emergency services with vital uninterrupted communications throughout the full length of the tunnel.

Airwave, the leading provider of critical voice and data communications to public service organisations in Great Britain, was contracted to provide coverage into the tunnel infrastructure. In order to achieve this and to overcome the difficulties associated with the depth and length of the tunnel, a full installation took place which included constructing a new base station in the tunnel to provide full network connectivity for users.

The Airwave Service is in use every day by all of Great Britain’s emergency services providing vital communications within and between police, fire and ambulance services.

According to David Sangster, UK services director at Airwave, “Radio coverage on the Airwave Network is unrivalled with coverage extending across even remote areas of Great Britain. The scope of our network ensures 99% coverage of the Great Britain’s landmass.”

The Airwave Network is built using TETRA technology. The layers of resilience within the system ensure it can withstand the most ferocious attack. The network is entirely secure and is not subject to interference from other radio systems or eavesdroppers.

Throughout the project, Airwave worked closely with the Highways Agency to ensure that the Network requirements fell within the build specifications to provide complete coverage.




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