Airwave Helps Keep Officers on Patrol

Airwave Helps Keep Officers on Patrol

April 2009

Police officers in Derbyshire are using mobile data technology from Airwave to spend more than 100,000 extra hours on patrol.

The force commissioned Airwave to supply 570 handheld computers and a suite of applications, giving officers greater access to information and the ability to complete paperwork whilst away from the station.

Using the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) computers, officers will be able to complete forms, including those used in a stop and search procedure. In addition, they will be able to access the PNC, check names, addresses and vehicle details, view the force’s incident log and access guidance manuals.

Bought under the NPIA’s Mobile Information Acceleration Package, it is hoped that when the project is fully matured the use of mobile technology will help Derbyshire officers spend an extra hour a day on the beat. This would equate to an additional 109,200 hours patrol time each year – the equivalent of 55 full -time officers.

Inspector Chris Jackson, mobile data project manager at Derbyshire Constabulary, said; “The benefits are greater visibility and more time on the front-line which, together with information becoming accessible at the point of need, can only help reassure the public.”

Richard Bobbett, chief executive at Airwave, said: “The use of mobile information technology could transform policing. Giving access to real-time information and reducing the burden of paperwork means officers can be more effective and visible to the public they serve.”

The NPIA (National Policing Improvement Agency) sought to agree the Acceleration Package as part of a Government allocation of 50m towards the deployment of police mobile information.

The Acceleration Package is highly flexible, enabling forces to tailor the solution – it combines a choice of networks, devices, applications and support services.

Airwave, the UK’s only national digital network dedicated to public safety organisations, is already used by every force for voice communication. Using Airwave for mobile information means forces have a wide choice of applications and assurances of the highest standards of geographical coverage, resilience and security.

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