Airwave choose Infomatrix [i]-SqZ to support the 10 year mobile data development plan of UK Police

Airwave choose Infomatrix [i]-SqZ to support the 10 year mobile data development plan of UK Police

Cambridge, England. 12th June 2007

Infomatrix Limited has today announced a contract with Airwave , the operator of the UK public safety TETRA network, for the supply of its mobile data optimisation software product, [i]-SqZ.

The contract follows an extended trial on the Airwave network with selected UK Police users, since November 2005, where the software has been used to enhance the performance of mobile data applications on the Airwave Mobile Applications Gateway (MAG).

[i]-SqZ improves the performance of information-based solutions over TETRA data links by up to 20 times, depending on the type of application and content. In the case of web service applications, the volume of data sent can be reduced to as little as 5% of the original, without any loss of information content. This results in very fast responses to database enquiries over TETRA.

[i]-SqZ has been implemented in the Airwave network to enable much faster information service interaction, to reduce data channel loading on the network, and to enable a range of new applications bringing together the potential for location, images and messaging.

Simon Jones, Mobile Applications Business Stream Manager for Airwavesaid: “Infomatrix [i]-SqZ has enabled Airwave TETRA data transactions at speeds that compare very favourably with GPRS. Police users are now able to access operational information on their in-vehicle mobile data terminals and TETRA PDA’s with a speed and convenience that will significantly reduce the volume of voice radio calls into control room operators. This can potentially increase, by up one hour per officer per day, the time spent out of the police station, on front-line policing activities, and away from time-consuming paperwork”.

Peter Radley, Chairman, Infomatrix Ltd, commented: “Our long relationship supporting Airwave in achieving its objectives for UK public safety mobile data solutions, is resulting in a world-leading partnership in the field of professional information mobility”.

In process-driven or workflow environments, [i]-SqZ optimises the complex application protocols of Web Services and Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), such as SOAP/XML, .NET & J2EE. [i]-SqZ is easily deployed through open interfaces into web-centric implementations. Additionally, [i]-SqZ optimises packet data transport protocols to maximise throughput & performance on wireless networks.

The [i]-SqZ product is just one part of the [i]-NeT architecture that integrates a variety of technology modules for the management and delivery of information services including messaging, telemetry, location and imaging. Specifically, [i]-BrJ, which allows seamless fail-over and network selection, depending on application requirements; also [i]-SeC, an end-to-end security module that provides high-grade security for restricted information over Bluetooth and public networks, designed for low-bandwidth wireless with a very low data overhead.

Chris Jones, COO Europe, Infomatrix, added: “This contract is the first of a number of significant deployments with European TETRA network operators, in Public Safety, Transport and Utility market sectors. Airwave has made a substantial commitment, indicating their total confidence in the capability of TETRA packet data optimised with [i]-SqZ”.

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