Airbus to highlight mission-critical solutions for defence and security forces at IDEX 2021

Airbus to highlight mission-critical solutions for defence and security forces at IDEX 2021

Abu Dhabi, UAE – Airbus will put the spotlight on its mission-critical solution portfolio for defense and security forces during its participation at the upcoming International Defence Conference (IDEX), in Abu Dhabi.

The company is one of the global exhibitors joining the event from February 21 to 25 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. It will showcase its range of solutions, namely Tactilon Agnet 500 and 800, BorderCore, Manpack, Tactilon Dabat and TB4 at Atlas’s Stand no CP-225, ADNEC in Abu Dhabi.

The flexible and scalable Tactilon Agnet 500 is a smart collaboration platform for multimedia communication and data sharing. Designed for mission-critical users, this push-to-talk and messaging service allows the transmission of data, video and voice between team members using different devices, including radio, smartphone, tablet and laptop.

Airbus’ BorderCore solution will also be presented for the very first time during an event. Designed to reinforce land, air, and maritime border security measures, it offers high-quality surveillance support and is equipped with features to establish a real-time picture of a situation for threat assessment and fast and effective response time.

In addition to Tactilon Agnet 500 and BorderCore, Airbus’ Manpack; a portable LTE tactical bubble embedded with Tactilon Agnet, will also be exhibited at the IDEX 2021 event. Manpack is specially designed for frontline Special Forces. Light, easy to use, and fully operational in just a few minutes, the device enables voice and video services with a direct connection to the headquarters.

Airbus will also showcase its Tactilon Agnet 800 solution along with its Tactilon Dabat smartphone and a Tetra radio in-one. Thanks to its Hybrid Roaming feature, the latter allows users to communicate efficiently and seamlessly switch between Tetra or LTE network services, according to availability.

Airbus’ TB4 solution will also be on show during the event. The hybrid base station designed to handle both 4G/5G and Tetra technology provides advanced data and secure voice-based services to defense personnel, allowing them to quickly coordinate with confidence.    

“Amid the evolving defense market landscape, the development of new technological innovations and solutions is imperative and should be encouraged to strengthen further UAE government and law enforcement agencies. IDEX plays a vital role in ensuring that Airbus and other global organizations that are renowned in the field are given a platform to showcase their products and services vital to the area of security and defense. The fact that it is taking place in Abu Dhabi shows that the Emirate and the UAE as a whole are important players in the global defense industry. In addition, it reflects the country’s wish to establish its leadership status on all fronts” explains Selim Bouri, Head of Middle-East and & Asia-Pacific regions for Secure Land Communications at Airbus.

“During IDEX, Airbus will demonstrate how its myriad of solutions and devices can support our first responders and defense and security forces in the performance of their duties. Our specialists will establish how the technology-driven features of our solutions can enhance team collaboration and communication, as well as help improve the process of making crucial and timely decisions” Bouri added.

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