Airbus signs continuum care contract with Finnish network operator Erillisverkot

Helsinki – Airbus and Erillisverkot Group in Finland, Operator Company of the state security network Virve, have signed the renewal of their maintenance agreement until 2025.

In the frame of the agreement, Airbus will ensure the continuation of the maintenance for the Finnish secure network operator until the end of 2025 for the migration to Virve 2.0, as well as the maintenance for switch and base station technology and application and support services maintenance.

Airbus will provide their new Taira 700 series virtualized platform. The Taira 700 next-generation platform will replace the former Virve switching centers and core servers with a virtualized server platform. The Taira 700 series will grant a modern and secure environment throughout Virve lifecycle.

Airbus’ Taira 700 series is a multifunctional mission-critical datacenter solution that provides core functionalities to all public safety use cases, with a fully scalable Tetra/LTE/5G core. It offers a modern virtualized environment for key applications, a high standard in cyber security and multiple evolution possibilities towards new capabilities such as Mission Critical Internet of things (IoT).

“Airbus provided earlier confirmation that they will support the maintenance of existing Virve technology until at least 2030. Airbus support is conditional on having a valid maintenance agreement with them and on the operator following Airbus technological evolution. We are happy that the maintenance agreement now signed with technological evolution will ensure that Airbus support is available until the end of the Virve – Virve 2.0 migration.” Jarmo Vinkvist, COO Virve Network at Erillisverkot explained.

“Erillisverkot has always been a pioneer and valued partner to Airbus and one the first nationwide digital networks. With the implementation of our Taira 700 series, the Virve network will defend its position as a world leading public safety network over its entire lifecycle” said Samuel Gustafsson, Head of Sales – North, Central & Eastern Europe for Secure Land Communications of Airbus.

Airbus has delivered over 100 Taira based platforms since 2017 and Erillisverkot is now the first Airbus customer to deploy the new Taira 700 series.

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