Airbus showcases Tactilon Agnet 500 for Mobile Network Operators during CCWeek

Elancourt – Airbus presents its Tactilon Agnet 500 critical collaboration platform tailored to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) during CCWeek, the digital version of Critical Communications World 2020. 

The Airbus collaboration platform’ Tactilon Agnet is a state-of-the-art Mission-Critical communication Service (MCS) for business and mission-critical users, based on the mobile telecommunications standard of the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP).  For MNOs, Tactilon Agnet 500 gives smooth access to customers in the critical communications markets. As an end-to-end service, it is easy to integrate into operators’ infrastructures and to their sales funnels hence strengthening their enterprise and public sector portfolios.

As a futureproof modern, easy-to-use, flexible and scalable solution Tactilon Agnet 500 can acquire and transmit data, video and voice to all relevant bodies at once – securely and reliably. In other words, it allows radio-device, smartphone, tablet, and laptop users to communicate individually, or in a group. In addition to this, it also has an interface for Third party integrations.

The subscription-based collaboration service complements the Tactilon Agnet family on top of Tactilon Agnet 800 and 900. It includes service availability, compatibility, security, hosting, helpdesk, integrations, SW upgrades, configuration and distribution, and is based on a pay-per-use principle which offers additional flexibility and optimizes costs.

Companies that need secure collaboration means can embrace technological evolution in a cost-efficient manner thanks to this tailored service. No large hardware investments are needed as the service can be accessed on the various smart devices through the Agnet Work app from Google Play or the App Store and on a browser. The service can also be integrated with other artificial intelligence applications and IoT platforms.

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