Airbus Protect: a new global player for cybersecurity, safety and sustainability services

Toulouse, 01 July 2022 – Airbus Protect, a new Airbus subsidiary bringing together the Company’s expertise in cybersecurity, safety and sustainability-related services, is officially established. The aim of this new entity is to provide a unique global service offering to protect Airbus company-wide and meet the needs of external authorities and commercial customers, including in the field of critical infrastructures. The new organisation brings together more than 1,200 experts based in France, Germany, the UK, Spain and Belgium who will grow Airbus’ capabilities and leverage synergies to further develop its expertise in these key areas.

“We are proud to see Airbus Protect go live today to support Airbus’ ambition to develop an integrated offering in this critical business area,” said Thierry Racaud, Airbus Protect CEO. “Our teams are committed to meeting our customers’ needs and challenges ahead with an exceptional group of professionals and resources at all levels. The diversification of fields of application linked to the size of Airbus and its products will provide a fabulous playground for them and for the new talents that will join us in the future.”

Thierry Racaud has extensive international business management experience in the aerospace sector and has held multiple executive positions in IT and Services companies, both in France and abroad.

The combination of Airbus’ competences in services related to cybersecurity, safety and sustainability (notably the management of environmental, corporate responsibility, health and safety risks) will offer opportunities for external growth in different market segments, where the Company’s expertise in protecting highly sensitive and demanding systems will create strong value propositions.

With Airbus Protect, the Company not only aims to consolidate its existing resources but to further grow them, creating attractive opportunities for digital talents and continuing the positive trend of hundreds of cybersecurity experts recruited over the recent years.

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