Airbus is Setting the Pace in the Brazilian Radio Communications Market

Airbus offers its full range of technologies via the new value-added reseller RicallRadio

Elancourt, 6 March 2017 – Airbus has positioned itself as a growth partner in the Brazilian market for radio communications solutions in order to meet the increasing demand for mission-critical solutions. As a result of its new strategy to promote cooperation with local resellers and integrators, Airbus is able to offer solutions in various PMR segments and all regions in the South American country.

“Airbus has signed an agreement with the company RicallRadio Telecomunicações Ltda that resells our communications solutions in Brazil,” explains Fred Gallart, Head of Sales & Program Delivery in Latin America of Secure Land Communications at Airbus. “Being one of the largest Brazilian PMR integrators in the field of critical infrastructure and transport, RicallRadio will play an important role as our new long-term value-added reseller to contact specific future customers,” he adds. Airbus assumes that the Brazilian industry and its public safety sector will be among the first to invest again in digital communications technology in the coming years.

In addition to offering proven Tetrapol and Tetra narrowband technology, Airbus will also provide broadband solutions for Brazilian customers. The Tactilon Suite portfolio fits into existing narrowband networks and can easily provide scalable broadband functions. For instance, the Tactilon Agnet application enables secure multimedia group communication over LTE. In addition to voice communication, PMR users can share information like photos or videos.

For many years, Airbus has provided PMR technology for various organisations and events in Brazil. The company protected the main venues of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Two years before, Airbus technology had helped to secure the FIFA Football World Cup. Airbus has also equipped the Brazilian Federal Police with radio communication means based on Tetrapol technology.


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