Airbus Heads the Debate of Future Interoperability in Europe at the Critical Communications Europe in Copenhagen

Together with the exhibition organiser, Airbus will present a panel discussion

Elancourt, 23 January 2017 – Together with Tetra Critical Communications Association (TCCA), the organiser of the Critical Communication Europe in Copenhagen, Airbus will present a panel discussion with experts at Bella Centre (plenary hall) on 9 February 2017, at 12.15 pm (CET), with the title:

“Interoperability and standardization of national PMR networks in Europe: Will 4/5G will lead to coherent mission-critical PMR networks for PPDR?”


  • Dr Barbara Held, Head of Operations of BDBOS in Germany, the operator of the largest Tetra network in the world
  • Daniel Haché, ASTRID Belgium, Director of External Relations
  • Phil Kidner, CEO of the TCCA
  • Eric Davalo, Head of Strategy, Solution Portfolio and Engineering of Secure Land Communications at Airbus
  • Claudio Becchetti, Head of Product, Services and Solutions Portfolio of Security & Information Systems Division at Leonardo. He is currently preparing the second part of the ISITEP project for end-users and the industry.
  • Professor Dr. Thomas Magedanz, Director of the German Fraunhofer FOKUS Business Unit “Software-based Network” in Berlin and expert on 5G networks
  • Moderator: Gert Jan Wolf, founder of “”

The panel discussion will also be available as a video on our website on 9 February from 6pm CET onwards.

As the PMR industry is on the threshold of an evolution towards broadband technologies, Airbus starts the discussion now on how to use 4/5G networks in future interoperability projects. “Standardisation will be a crucial point, because it facilitates interoperability efforts in Europe. We actually work very closely with the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), a global organisation that sets international telecommunications standards. This collaboration has positive impact for end-users”, says Eric Davalo, Head of Strategy, Solutions Portfolio and Engineering of Secure Land Communications at Airbus.

In addition to this event, Airbus will be at the exhibition “Critical Communications Europe” in Copenhagen at its stand A12, hall E, in the Bella Centre in Copenhagenfrom 8 to 9 February 2017. We will showcase the Tactilon Dabat, a smartphone and a Tetra radio in one device, with new apps which are provided by our partners who enrolled in the Airbus app developer programme SmarTWISP.

In addition, Airbus will also show its app Tactilon Agnet, that brings Tetra push-to-talk to an LTE smartphone. It enables users of commercial LTE networks to communicate securely within mission-critical Tetra networks.  “This app is perfectly matching with the technology of the Tactilon Dabat and serves Public Protection users as they want to have multimedia functions”, says Eric Davalo.

Moreover, Airbus will exhibit the following products at its stand in Copenhagen:

  • Triage – it is a responding system for paramedics and doctors to prioritise casualties’ treatment during urgent incidences.
  • Tactilon Secure MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) solution – users gain secure mobile access to broadband services through hybrid networks in order to access video and mobile office applications.
  • The new Tetra server – it is the key building block for the evolution to broadband services and part our product line Tactilon Suite.
  • Various Tetra devices – for example the Th1n, the THR9 Ex Atex and the P8GR.

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