Airbus deploys its communication solution Tactilon Agnet for French motorway extension

Elancourt – As part of the Axelia project to transform the RN79 national road into a motorway between the cities of Sazeret (03), and Digoin (71), Aliaé (a subsidiary of the Eiffage Group) has entrusted the operation of the infrastructure to the Paris Rhine Rhône Motorway Group (APRR). It was in this context that APRR sought Airbus’ expertise to provide a critical communications solution in order to extend the current Airbus Tetra network implemented, over the roadwork area to ensure the safety of the users, and staff.

As part of the Axelia project, Airbus and its partner Altech are to deploy a mission-critical push-to-talk (MCPTT) communications solution to ensure secure communications between patrollers and maintenance employees working on this 90 kilometer-long road.

While the roadworks are ongoing, and until the permanent Tetra network is implemented as soon as the new motorway opens, Airbus is to provide its Tactilon Agnet collaboration platform, as well as Tactilon Dabat hybrid terminals. These will allow access to push-to-talk (PTT) features, and emergency calls using an LTE network.

“We are honored that APRR is renewing its confidence in us by opting for the Tactilon Agnet collaborative platform. This project shows the complementarity of group communication services based on 4G technologies on the one hand, and radio technologies on the other. Our portfolio of Tactilon solutions and services fully meets this need and provides high flexibility and interoperability” explains Thierry Becker, Vice President of the Western Europe- and Africa regions for Secure Land Communications at Airbus.

Thanks to the use of Tactilon Agnet, the teams in charge of the operation and safety of the workers will now have access to communication equipment and technology adapted to their needs, whether they are using the existing APRR Tetra network, or LTE, with a single hybrid and interoperable terminal. This allows smooth operations to continue until the new Tetra network is in operation in this area, thanks to our technology.

Since 2003, APRR has been using Airbus’ Tetra network. This network covers more than 2,300 kilometres of motorway lanes. Since the network’s implementation, Airbus has been working hand-in-hand with its partner Altech in supplying the network and infrastructure for APRR.

For this project, Altech is in charge of the deployment and customer training on the full package.

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